Choose Avon Lake Sheet Metal for Custom Fabrication

Avon Lake Sheet Metal is known for quality custom fabrication services in Cleveland. When you choose us, you have a number of advantages. Check out some of the many services we have to offer and why we are among the best in the business:


Nothing speaks more about a business than years of dedicated service. When we started, Dwight Eisenhower was president of the United States. The Cleveland Browns finished the 1953 season with an 11-1 record, and General Motors began production of the first US sports car, called the Corvette. So much has happened since then, and Avon Lake Sheet Metal has seen it all. When you choose a company with this kind of history, you know you are getting quality custom fabrication services.

Metal Fabrication Customized to Your Needs

Nothing about our services are “standard” or “one size fits all.” With the help of 3D modeling and design, we are there for you from start to finish. We can finish a project for you, or provide valuable assistance on imporving you own processes. There is not much our union shop cannot do when it comes to custom fabrication in the Cleveland area.

Certified Welding

Our welders are AWS certified, and they can perform a number of welding service, such as:

  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Spot welding

Stainless Steel

Many industries need stainless steel fabrication, and Avon Lake Sheet Metal can help. In fact, we custom fabricated a stainless steel drying oven for specialty chemical company. Our people qualified, delivered, and installed the oven in 8 weeks’ time. The process required welding, sawing, forming, laser cutting, and insulating.

A Wide Range of Services

Our custom fabrication services in Cleveland include many processes, some use CNC technology, and some things are done by hand. Every project is specially made to fit each customer’s needs. Call us today at (440) 933-3505 for more details.