Foundries and Metal Production – Fabrication and Industrial Contracting Services

Foundries are industrial plants built for the process of melting metals and casting them into specific shapes through the use of a mold. Metal castings are responsible for the vast majority of manufactured goods. The materials processed in foundries include steel, various steel alloys, iron, and aluminum. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal located in the greater Cleveland area, our shop and field crews are highly experienced in foundry and metal production fabrication services. We also offer services for the modification and installation of equipment and structures in these facilities.

Foundry and Metal Production Contracting Services

We provide coordinated contracting services for foundry and metal production projects that deliver the results you need on-schedule and according to your specifications. Our services are tailored to your specific onsite needs, in part through the high quality work we perform in our union shop. Our capabilities in design, fabrication, delivery, maintenance, and installation enable us to complete a wide range of projects in the foundry and metal production services arena.

Whether you need fabrication and industrial contracting services that involve dust collection, guarding, structural platforms, hand railing, or combination of these and more, we have you covered.

Sheet Metal Fabrication for Foundries and Metal Production Operations

Utilizing CNC plasma cutting and CNC laser systems, our fabrication team is able to provide exceptional sheet metal fabrication for foundry and metal production facility applications. We deliver customized, tailored solutions that match your specific project requirements.

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