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Plant Maintenance Services – What is Involved?


At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, our metal fabricators offer an array of custom fabrication and contracting services to customers in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. One of the services we offer includes plant maintenance services. Using our highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel along with our advanced capabilities, we provide full-service maintenance services to our customers that comprise the planning and execution that is needed for to help you operate at maximum efficiency.

By implementing highly effective processes that are reliable and tested to work, we help our customers keep control of their costs and minimize downtime.


Some of our plant maintenance services include: machine guarding, subcontractor management, structural steel replacement, welding, instrumentation and controls, equipment assembly and maintenance, project management, preventive maintenance, shoring and scaffolding, mechanical services, emergency repairs and planned outages.

Some of the systems that our plant maintenance teams can maintain on your behalf include: material handling equipment, roofing and siding and HVAC.

The industries to which we offer our plant maintenance services include: steel and foundry, automotive, general manufacturing, construction, plastics, chemical and food processing.

Our maintenance services cover a wide scope of capabilities. Through our coordinated subcontractors we can provide maintenance for electrical, fire protection, process piping, concrete and roofing requirements.

Solid Collaboration

With plant maintenance services, it is important for the maintenance contractor to offer effective communication and collaboration in all aspects of the contractual relationship. It is also important to maintain and improve delivery when possible and also meet important plant production schedules. It doesn’t matter if the maintenance requirements involve capital improvements, a major renovation, or simple daily maintenance tasks, the solutions delivered must be timely and effective. We provide all of this and more to our customers.

For more information about the wide scope of contracting services we offer, visit our website today. Contact us with any questions you have. We provide high quality maintenance that serves the interests of our customers. Our expertise will ensure that your plant and its processes are maintained at a high level of productivity and efficiency with minimal to zero process interruptions to help the stability of your operations.

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