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Custom Fabrication Services – Sheet Metal and Structural Steel


At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we are experts at producing high quality sheet metal fabrications. We utilize state-of-the-art fabrication equipment to do the job, including CNC and plasma laser cutting equipment. We also provide all of the standard custom fabrication services, including forming and certified welding. Our team knows how to transform basic sheet metal and structural elements into the most complex finished assemblies you need for your project requirements.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we are confident our capabilities can meet the scope of your proect. We provide our customers with custom high quality sheet metal fabrication services to meet their specification with precision. We deliver our customers’ project needs with efficiency and speed. Some of our capabilities in the area of custom sheet metal fabrication include: cutting, welding, forming, finishing, assembly, and design. With regards to design, we utilize sophisticated modeling and drawing software, including AutoCAD 2D drawing and Inventor 3D modeling software.

Custom Structural Fabrication

Within our 32,000 square foot facility, we provide high value custom fabrication services that cover all of your steel fabrication needs. Some of the typical materials we work with include: angles, rod, bar, WF and S beams, C and MC channels, stainless steel, pipe and tubing, plate and floor plate, grating and expanded metal, abrasion resistant plate as well as fiberglass shapes and grating.


We offer custom fabrication services for a wide array of components and applications including: access platforms and mezzanines, machine frames and weldments, custom machine guarding, equipment supports, bins, non-code tanks, stacks, flues, breechings, carts and racks, guard rails and hand rails, as well as conveyors.

Industries Served

The industries we serve with custom sheet metal and custom structural fabrication include, chemical, food processing, construction, steel and foundry, plastics, automotive and general manufacturing.

Learn More

For additional details about our custom fabrication services, review our service pages on our website. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we strive to deliver quality and efficiency in every project we perform for our clients.

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Who is Avon Lake Sheet Metal?

We provide high-quality services in CNC laser cutting, CNC forming, certified welding, custom machine guarding, and other value-added options. 3D Modeling allows us to seamlessly integrate sheet metal and structural components into complex finished assemblies.