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Stainless Steel Electric Oven

Fabricated for 

Specialized manufacturing processes require specialized equipment. Manufacturers in these industries are under constant pressure to obtain equipment that meets process requirements with minimal capital outlay. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we understand the challenges our customers face and gear our services to provide complete solutions.

In this case, we utilized a custom design and fabricated an electrically heated drying oven for a manufacturer of specialty chemicals. From the customer’s specifications, we developed the drawings and 3D modeling that would guide the fabrication process. To provide the maximum durability, the oven’s interior was composed of 304 stainless steel, while the exterior and structural elements were fabricated from hot rolled steel (HRS). These materials ranged in thickness from .062” up to .50”. Construction also included double walled insulation and painting of the entire unit. The finished oven measured 30’ in length, 6’ in width, 7’ in height, and weighed in at 7,800 lbs.

The fabrication process included precision laser cutting, sawing, forming, welding, and the installation of all of the insulation. Throughout construction, components were subject to dimensional inspections, and again once the oven was assembled. It then underwent functional testing to ensure that it performed as required.

This was another turnkey project for us; once we qualified the oven, we delivered and installed it on the second floor of the customer’s Cleveland, Ohio facility. The customer was very pleased with the comprehensive nature of our services and the fact that we were able to complete the entire project in just eight weeks.

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Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Product Designing
• Coordinated Structural and Mechanical Design
• 3D Modeling

• Laser Cutting
• Sawing
• Forming
• Welding
• Insulating
Overall Part DimensionsLength: 30 ft.
Width: 6 ft.
Height: 7 ft.
Weight: 7800 lbs.
Material Thickness: 0.062 to 0.500”
Tightest Tolerances± 0.062 in.
Material UsedType 304 Stainless Steel Inside, HRS Outside
Material FinishPainted
Industry for UseSpecialty Chemicals
In Process Testing / Inspection PerformedDimensional Inspection, Functionality Testing
Delivery / Turnaround Time8 Weeks
Delivery LocationCleveland, OH
Standards MetCustomer Specifications, CAD Drawings

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