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1200 Gallon Liquid Storage Tank

Fabricated for 

Our professional fabrication team at Avon Lake Sheet Metal recently completed the fabrication and assembly of a 1200 gallon liquid storage tank for one of our clients. This storage tank project showcased our exceptional structural fabrication and sheet metal fabrication capabilities.

Features of the 1200 Gallon Liquid Storage Tank

Our fabricators added a number of key features and components to this tank, including 7 gauge carbon steel, W12x30 support legs, and 60” diameter flanged and dished heads. The interior of this 1200 gallon liquid storage tank was epoxy coated, and its exterior was covered with industrial enamel.

Fabrication Expertise

The fabrication process we used on this tank included precision sawing, laser cutting, welding, and forming. Throughout the construction process, the various components were dimensionally inspected, ultimately leading to functional testing to ensure the effective performance of the storage tank.

Specialized fabrication and manufacturing processes require the use of specialized tools and equipment. Manufacturers must utilize equipment that matches process requirements with minimal capital investment. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we are fully aware of these challenges, and we tailor our services to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions. We did just that with the successful fabrication and manufacture of this tank.

As your leader in metal fabrication, we not only deliver exceptional fabrication services for products such as this liquid storage tank, but also onsite installation and plant maintenance as needed. For information about how our equipment fabrication capabilities can help you achieve your industrial operational efficiency goals, contact us today.

Three Generations of Service

We provide high-quality services in CNC laser cutting, CNC forming, certified welding, custom machine guarding, and other value-added options. 3D Modeling allows us to seamlessly integrate sheet metal and structural components into complex finished assemblies.

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