What is the purpose of machine guarding?

Factories, tooling shops, and other production facilities house a wide-variety of specialized machinery that, if not properly secured, can be dangerous to the individuals nearby to the equipment. Machine guarding helps to ensure that people are protected from a variety of hazards such as nip points, sparks, flying chips, and rotating parts. Machine guarding protects you and your workers from:

  • Moving equipment
  • Pinch points
  • Hot surfaces – pipes

Why are machine guards necessary?

In short, Machine guarding is necessary to ensure the safety of workers, and other people who are in the proximity of potentially dangerous equipment. Proper machine guarding is a must to protect your employees, and is also an effective way to reduce the liability of your business should any workplace accidents occur. Machine guarding is a small investment to provide a safe and effective work environment for your employees.

What materials are used to create machine guards?

  • Metal – galvanized, stainless (food industry), painted steel,
  • Poly carbonate – viewing windows
  • Wire mesh
  • Expanded metal

What type of facilities are machine guarding applications appropriate for?

Machine guarding is essential for a number of situations/industries. Here are a few examples:

Food production– In many food-processing plants, you need protection from cutting or grinding equipment. At the same time, you may need stainless steel materials that are easy to keep clean. Machining and working with stainless steel is not easy, but our professionals at Avon Lake Sheet Metal have years of experience that have given them the skills to get the best results.

Anywhere with motorized equipment– Electric motors are used to run all types of equipment, from gears, to rollers, conveyor systems, so on. Each system presents unique safety challenges, and our experts know how to design guards that are most appropriate for a given situation..

Steel mills/foundries– These facilities contain very large and heavy equipment that is often superheated to allow the melting, casting, and working of steel. Hazards include falling materials, crush points, and burns from molten metal. In these situations, serious injuries can happen quickly if the correct precautions are not taken. We make shields and guards specifically for such applications to ensure worker safety.

Plastic production– Many plastic applications call for injection molding. These processes often call for both fixed and movable machine guards. They may also necessitate fixed barriers, and production facilities may need safety bars or guards for entire areas.

Chemical handling– Chemical spills are can be devastating and deadly. We can design special guards that help to avoid spills or leakage, and protect workers from possible exposure to hazardous chemicals.

What type of equipment can benefit from machine guarding?

Production process equipment

Any machine that is:

  • Motorized – motorized machines have drive systems (including chains, gears, and transmissions) which require protection.
  • Energized – self-moving equipment can create special hazards in the workplace. This is especially true with robotic machinery and braking mechanisms.
  • Moving parts – can trap fingers and items of clothing.
  • Sharp edges – workers need protection from saws and any machines which can cut or puncture.

Why use custom machine guarding solutions? Why not buy off the rack?

Every plant is different, and every piece of equipment is different. What might work great in one situation could present safety concerns in another. That’s why it is best to call in an expert in machine guarding to ensure that your solution adequately protects for a given situation.

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