What is duct fabrication?

Duct fabrication is the process of taking light-weight sheet metal and transforming it into ductwork for a building. This ductwork can be used for heating and cooling applications, or custom applications like dust collection/removal from a process on an assembly line. Fabrication processes like this form the sheet metal into any shape or size, allowing for a highly customized solution.

How Does the Ductwork Installation Process Work?

  • Estimating – The process begins with determining your needs, and getting an estimate of costs.
  • Field measurements – we make sure everything is precise, and this requires getting out and measuring for your duct fabrication project.
  • Design/layout – Our experts can design a custom duct system for your facility. We take many variables into consideration for such a project. For example: floor size, ceiling heights and average ambient temperature are important. The amount of heating/cooling you will need is also very important. These things help to determine the size, necessary insulation, and shape of the ducts.
  • Fabrication – Cutting, bending, welding, notching, and forming will all be performed during the fabrication process. After determining the correct sizes, we create your ducts and prepare them for installation.
  • Installation – Due to our precise measurements, we can determine the layout, hangers, and supports that will be needed ahead of time. We then rig everything into place. We seal seams and connect joints, install gasket, and add any accessories (which may include dampers diffusers and blast gates). After the installation, we perform field testing and balancing. This ensures your duct system not only works correctly, but is efficient and trouble-free.

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