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Machine Guarding | Keep Production Humming During Installation


Tooling shops, factories, and other production facilities house various types of specialized equipment and machinery. If this machinery is not secured properly, it can present a serious danger to employees. Machine guarding helps protect people from multiple hazards, including flying chips, sparks, nip points, and rotating components. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, our experienced team of metal fabricators have extensive experience producing sheet metal and structural steel high quality fabrications to meet various project and operational requirements.

Machine guarding is designed to protect workers, and any other people within the vicinity of equipment, from moving parts of that equipment and machinery, hot surfaces such as pipes, and pinch points.

Custom Machine Guarding Installation

At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we are able to install these important protective machine guarding units in a manner that does not interfere with, or cause delay of, the operation of your equipment and production processes.

The Necessity of Machine Guards

Briefly stated, machine guards are necessary assemblies to help ensure the safety of individuals around dangerous machinery. These are crucial devices to have in place in order to minimize the liability of your company in the event any individual should be injured by a particular machine. It is a minimal investment in order to maintain a safe working environment for your employees and in many cases, it it required to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) machine guarding requirements.

Applications of Machine Guards

Some examples of where machine guarding may be used include chemical handling plants, steel mills and foundries, food production facilities, plastic production centers, or any facility with any motorized machinery or equipment.

Types of Equipment Using Machine Guards

The various types of equipment that utilize machine guarding include production process equipment and any equipment that is energized (such as braking mechanisms and robotic machinery), motorized (with peers, chains, and transmissions for instance), has sharp edges that can puncture or cut, or has moving parts that can trap clothing, limbs, or fingers.

Custom Machine Guarding Solution

Equipment and facilities differ from one another. What may work perfectly in one situation and venue may cause concerns or problems in another. For this reason, it is important to utilize the services of an experienced company that is able to manufacture and install the machine guarding you need for your specific situation to ensure optimum safety and uninterrupted equipment operation.For additional information about our machine guarding installation services, give us a call today at 440.933.3505, complete our contact form, or request a quote.

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