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Choose Certified Welding Services in Cleveland


Did you know that not all welders are certified for the jobs they perform? In fact, any time you hire a welding service you need to make sure their welders have all the necessary qualifications and credentials for the job. If not, you could end up with sub-par work. When you enlist Avon Lake Sheet Metal, you receive service from the finest certified welding professionals in the Cleveland area, who are able to provide many types of welds for your project. Let’s look at some important reasons to always choose qualified services.

The Importance of Doing the Job Right

When you fabricate structural steel, all the welds have to be perfect. In fact, many things can go wrong, and one error can lead to a major catastrophe. That is what happened to a submersible drilling rig located in Ekofisk oil field. It occurred in the North Sea near Norway back in 1980, and more than 200 men lost their lives.

The rig was supported by six anchor cables, and strong winds caused five of them to suddenly break. A short while later, the sixth and final cable gave way, causing a major catastrophe. Investigators later determined the main cause was faulty welds in a single D-6 bracing. It was a seemingly insignificant six-millimeter filler weld that not properly done. This is one example, of many where certified welding and using the proper fabrication techniques can prevent tragedies.

What is a Certified Welder?

An AWS certification means the welder has completed the requirements set forth by the American Welding Society. They have set the welding standards since the early 20th Century. When you need some of the best certified welding services in Cleveland, you can depend on Avon Lake Sheet Metal. Call us today at 440-933-3505 to see what we can do for you.

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