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Tooling factories, machining shops, and other facilities perform production operations with different types of specialized machinery and equipment. If this equipment is not properly secured, a dangerous situation can present itself for those in the surrounding area. This is why facilities utilize companies specializing in machine guarding in Cleveland, OH to help protect their employees. Whether it is flying sparks, chips, rotating components, or nip points, there are a lot of workplace hazards that a machine guard can prevent. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we are your source for exceptional quality fabrications that are delivered to the precision tolerances you need for your projects.

The Need for Machine Guards

In order to help ensure the safety of workers and visitors at industrial locations, machine guards are installed around certain types of dangerous machinery. These devices are important to have in place in order to protect your workforce, and prevent the company from being liable in the event of an injury caused by a piece of equipment. This guarding is an important investment to help promote a safe working environment.

Installation of Custom Machine Guarding

At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we have the ability to install machine-guarding units seamlessly with your production processes. The installation of our machine guards will not delay or interfere with your facilities production capabilities.

Machine Guard Applications

Machine guarding can be used in various industrial settings, including plastic production centers, steel foundries and mills, chemical handling plants, food production facilities, and other applications involving motorized equipment.

Equipment Benefiting from Machine Guards

There are a variety of types of equipment that machine guarding can be used with, including motorized production equipment (i.e. with chains, gears, and transmissions), energized equipment (robotic and braking equipment and systems), and any equipment that could trap body parts and clothing, or has sharp edges that could cause cutting or puncture injuries.

Providing a Customized Machine Guarding Solution

It is important to obtain a customized machine guarding solution based on your particular facility, equipment, and requirements. Make sure you obtain your machine guarding from an experienced company that can give you the tailored solution you need. Let us help you ensure maximum safety in your work environment with minimal interruption to your operations.

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