What a CNC Laser Cutter Can Do for Your Cleveland Business

If your business includes metal fabrication in the Cleveland Ohio area, you might have several cutting machines in your shop. Some machines may cut efficiently, but they still may not work at the level you need to stay competitive. A CNC laser cutter can do many things for your Cleveland business. Here are some examples of this technology’s capabilities.


Lasers can cut to very precise depths, and you can program them to create very intricate designs. If you want your company logo, text, or just about anything you can imagine, printed on sheet metal products, computerized laser technology can produce some astonishing results.

Another great benefit of engraving with lasers is that the process is permanent. Unlike attaching labels, which can easily come off or get torn, images and designs burned into metal by super intense beams of light can last forever.


Do you have a special sheet metal fabrication project planned for your Cleveland Ohio business? A CNC laser cutter is the perfect tool for prototyping. You can experiment with many designs, and since the machine can produce one item at a time, you can make prototype after prototype without a lot of waste.


Conventional cutting of sheet metal can produce a lot of scrap. When you use laser technology you will not have scrap shavings to deal with, and you will not need to smooth any edges after cutting. Lasers also cut with greater precision than other cutting methods.

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