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Choose Certified Welding Services in Cleveland

Did you know that not all welders are certified for the jobs they perform? In fact, any time you hire a welding service you need to make sure their welders have all the necessary qualifications and credentials for the job. If not, you could end up with sub-par work. When you enlist Avon Lake Sheet Metal, you receive service from the finest certified welding professionals in the Cleveland area. Let’s look at some important reasons to always choose qualified services.


When you fabricate structural steel, all the welds have to be perfect. In fact, many things can go wrong, and one error can lead to a major catastrophe. That is what happened to a submersible drilling rig located in Ekofisk oil field. It occurred in the North Sea near Norway back in 1980, and more than 200 men lost their lives.

The rig was supported by six anchor cables, and strong winds caused five of them to suddenly break. A short while later, the sixth and final cable gave way, causing a major catastrophe. Investigators later determined the main cause was faulty welds in a single D-6 bracing. It was a seemingly insignificant six-millimeter filler weld that not properly done. This is one example, of many where certified welding and using the proper fabrication techniques can prevent tragedies.


An AWS certification means the welder has completed the requirements set forth by the American Welding Society. They have set the welding standards since the early 20th Century. When you need some of the best certified welding services in Cleveland, you can depend on Avon Lake Sheet Metal. Call us today at 440-968-5014 to see what we can do for you.

Why Using Professionals for Duct Fabrication and Installation is a Good Idea

Having a commercial HVAC system installed is a job best left for professionals. The HVAC company hired to install a new system will generally have to outsource some of the work involved in this installation. When it comes to the ductwork a commercial unit needs, you may need to hire metal fabrication professionals to help out. Using professionals for duct fabrication and installation in Cleveland is a good decision and here are some of the reasons.


Getting the ductwork of a commercial HVAC unit customized is a great way to improve the air flow it has. With better air flow, a unit will be able to provide a consistent supply of cool or warm air. Many of the pre-fabricated ducts will restrict air flow, which will make the HVAC unit work harder to produce the cool or warm air needed. Rather than putting this undue stress on an HVAC unit, you can hire professionals to perform duct fabrication and installation in Cleveland. The money invested in this type of customized ductwork will pay off due to the increased efficiency it can provide your unit.


The next benefit of hiring professionals to perform duct fabrication and installation in Cleveland is their ability to get the work done in a hurry. The professionals hired will be able to use things like CNC plasma cutters to cut and fabricate the ductwork in a hurry. This means you will be able to get your new commercial HVAC unit in place and functional in no time at all. Finding the right professionals to perform is essential when trying to achieve the optimal results you are after.

The team at Avon Lake Sheet Metal Company will have no problem getting the duct fabrication and installation in Cleveland work needed done the right way. Be sure to contact us to find out more about the services we can offer.

Why Using a Local Metal Fabrication Shop is Beneficial

Business owners have a lot on their plates. Learning how to delegate responsibility is a must when trying to run a successful small business. When in need of metal custom fabrication in Cleveland for, finding the right professionals to assist you is essential. Without the right amount of experience, attempting to fabricate metal can end in disaster. Using a local metal fabricator can be beneficial for a number of reasons and here are some of them.


Hiring a local custom fabrication in Cleveland shop is a great way to ensure the project in question stays on schedule. If the metal fabrication shop you are using is nearby, it will be easy to drop in and check in on things when needed. By doing this, you will be able better communicate with them, and motivate them to complete the job on time.


Using a metal fabricator in your area is also a great way to save some money. If the shop does not have to transport the piece a long distance, they will not charge you as much. You also need to check to see which of the fabricators in the area offers a mobile service. Having a custom fabrication in Cleveland professional come onsite to perform the work needed is both convenient and cost effective.

If you want custom metal fabrications done the right way, be sure to contact us to find out how we can help you.

What a CNC Laser Cutter Can Do for Your Cleveland Business

If your business includes metal fabrication in the Cleveland Ohio area, you might have several cutting machines in your shop. Some machines may cut efficiently, but they still may not work at the level you need to stay competitive. A CNC laser cutter can do many things for your Cleveland business. Here are some examples of this technology’s capabilities.


Lasers can cut to very precise depths, and you can program them to create very intricate designs. If you want your company logo, text, or just about anything you can imagine, printed on sheet metal products, computerized laser technology can produce some astonishing results.

Another great benefit of engraving with lasers is that the process is permanent. Unlike attaching labels, which can easily come off or get torn, images and designs burned into metal by super intense beams of light can last forever.


Do you have a special sheet metal fabrication project planned for your Cleveland Ohio business? A CNC laser cutter is the perfect tool for prototyping. You can experiment with many designs, and since the machine can produce one item at a time, you can make prototype after prototype without a lot of waste.


Conventional cutting of sheet metal can produce a lot of scrap. When you use laser technology you will not have scrap shavings to deal with, and you will not need to smooth any edges after cutting. Lasers also cut with greater precision than other cutting methods.

You can take advantage of this modern technology when you come to Avon Lake Sheet Metal Company. Call us today at 440-968-5014 to learn more.

The Importance of Certified Welding Services

If you have a large metal fabrication project in Cleveland Ohio, you may need the services of a subcontractor or welding company. It is important to check the qualifications of any company you hire for the job. After all, you are ultimately responsible for the work. Just because a company claims to have “qualified” welders does not mean they offer certified welding services in Cleveland. Here are important reasons to choose only certified welders.


Some welders are qualified to do many welding tasks, but they are not accredited by the AWS (American Welding Society). Why is this certification so important? Only welders who pass an accreditation test can receive their AWS certification. The test must take place at an accredited test facility. After extensive testing and inspection, the AWS receives the test information. If the stringent specifications are met the welder will be issued a certificate card. The accredited welder can do certified welding in Cleveland for six months, and then he must renew his certification. In short, someone touted as simply qualified holds no official certification in their craft.


The American Welding Society is almost 100 years old. It is a not-for- profit organization whose purpose is to advance the technology and science of welding, and related jobs. The society is there to make sure welders meet the highest standards, and you can depend on AWS certified welding services in Cleveland to give you quality services with the best possible welders.


Depending on your metal fabrication needs in Cleveland Ohio, it is important to choose a company that have both qualified and certified welders for your industry. For example, some welders can weld steel pipe, while others may work mostly with stainless steel. When you come to Avon Lake Sheet Metal Company, we will provide certified welders that are qualified to work in your field. Call us today at 440-968-5014 for more info.

Machine Guarding: Definition and Types

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is in charge of ensuring companies follow regulations regarding worker and workplace safety. One way Avon Lake Sheet Metal ensures the protection of all workers is through carefully adhering to the regulations concerning machine guarding. In Cleveland and surrounding areas, our shop, and workers both-on-and-off site work with operators, clients, contractors, and others to make certain everyone adheres to the legislation.


It is one method used to protect individuals from dangerous hazardous machinery components. This includes all parts that by their nature or through their function, design, or process may result in causing harm. The intention is to reduce risks for accidents.


While the purpose of machine guarding is identical, the types differ. The requirements for your plant may differ substantially from those of a furniture factory in Cleveland or a fabrication plant in Tallahassee. Plant owners can choose from a variety of options including:

  • Fixed guards: integrated permanently into the device
  • Interlocked guards: They will pause or disable machine operations when certain actions occur
  • Manually adjustable guards: As the name indicates, these are adjustable when required to work with the machine
  • Self-adjusting guards: These adjust automatically to provide protection to specific moving machinery types


No matter where you work, or how innocuous your workplace may appear, at Avon Lake Sheet Metal, our employees understand the hazards present. In fabrication shops, in assembly facilities, and both small and large metal manufacturers, employees work with dangerous equipment every day. Dangerous machines can cause serious injury, and even death, in Cleveland and all across the nation. To prevent this, machine guarding is essential. Employ this and all other means to ensure all your employees can go home at the end of the day.

Advantages of CNC Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has been a popular technique in the metal fabrication industry for the past 20 years. The CNC laser cutter offers many advantages. It has the capability to create any shape to meet your project needs. When you combine this with CNC, you get the advantages from both the laser and CNC technology. Here are some benefits when you choose a CNC laser cutter.


You can use CNC laser cutter for just about anything. No matter how big or small your project is, our tool can be used to cut any of your metal materials with precision. That said, whether it is aluminum alloy, stainless steel, steel or titanium, this method can do the work of cutting your sheet metals.


Laser cutting produces precise sheet metal parts. This helps reduce time and money. The set-up time and engineering time are minimal. Not to mention with the speed of the method, this can also build quicker production and faster turn arounds.


With the speed and accuracy of the CNC laser cutter, you can expect an increase of production with quality work. A CNC laser cutter help companies like Avon Lake Sheet Metal to receive and fill a same-day order. Hence, you can guarantee our method to provide you precise work no matter how large the project is. We have the capability to take on many projects. Whether you are in the Cleveland area or anywhere else, you can expect us to take on your project from start to finish. Our team is here to guide you. Contact us today about your sheet metal fabrication needs.

Custom Fabrication Services – Sheet Metal and Structural Steel

At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we are experts at producing high quality fabrications with sheet metal and structural steel. We utilize state-of-the-art fabrication equipment to do the job, including CNC and plasma laser cutting equipment. We also provide all of the standard custom fabrication services, including forming and certified welding. Our team knows how to transform basic sheet metal and structural elements into the most complex finished assemblies you need for your project requirements.


At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, the scope of your project does not hinder our capabilities. We provide our customers with custom high quality sheet metal fabrication services to meet their specification with precision. We deliver our customers’ project needs with efficiency and speed. Some of our capabilities in the area of custom sheet metal fabrication include: cutting, welding, forming, finishing, assembly, and design. With regards to design, we utilize sophisticated modeling and drawing software, including AutoCAD 2D drawing and Inventor 3D modeling software.


Within our 32,000 square foot facility, we provide high value custom fabrication services that cover all of your steel fabrication needs. Some of the typical materials we work with include: angles, rod, bar, WF and S beams, C and MC channels, stainless steel, pipe and tubing, plate and floor plate, grating and expanded metal, abrasion resistant plate as well as fiberglass shapes and grating.


We offer custom fabrication services for a wide array of components and applications including: access platforms and mezzanines, machine frames and weldments, custom machine guarding, equipment supports, bins, non-code tanks, stacks, flues, breechings, carts and racks, guard rails and hand rails, as well as conveyors.


The industries we serve with custom sheet metal and custom structural fabrication include, chemical, food processing, construction, steel and foundry, plastics, automotive and general manufacturing.


For additional details about our custom fabrication services, review our service pages on our website. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we strive to deliver quality and efficiency in every project we perform for our clients.

Plant Maintenance Services – What is Involved?

At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we offer an array of custom fabrication and contracting services to customers in Cleveland and the surrounding areas. One of the services we offer includes plant maintenance services. Using our highly knowledgeable and experienced personnel along with our advanced capabilities, we provide full-service maintenance services to our customers that comprise the planning and execution that is needed for to help you operate at maximum efficiency.

By implementing highly effective processes that are reliable and tested to work, we help our customers keep control of their costs and minimize downtime.


Some of our plant maintenance capabilities include: machine guarding, subcontractor management, structural steel replacement, welding, instrumentation and controls, equipment assembly and maintenance, project management, preventive maintenance, shoring and scaffolding, mechanical services, emergency repairs and planned outages.

Some of the systems that our plant maintenance teams can maintain on your behalf include: material handling equipment, roofing and siding and HVAC.

The industries to which we offer our plant maintenance services include: steel and foundry, automotive, general manufacturing, construction, plastics, chemical and food processing.

Our maintenance services cover a wide scope of capabilities. Through our coordinated subcontractors we can provide maintenance for electrical, fire protection, process piping, concrete and roofing requirements.


With plant maintenance services, it is important for the maintenance contractor to offer effective communication and collaboration in all aspects of the contractual relationship. It is also important to maintain and improve delivery when possible and also meet important plant production schedules. It doesn’t matter if the maintenance requirements involve capital improvements, a major renovation, or simple daily maintenance tasks, the solutions delivered must be timely and effective. We provide all of this and more to our customers.

For more information about the wide scope of contracting services we offer, visit our website today. Contact us with any questions you have. We provide high quality maintenance that serves the interests of our customers. Our expertise will ensure that your plant and its processes are maintained at a high level of productivity and efficiency with minimal to zero process interruptions to help the stability of your operations.