Custom HVAC Ducts Offer Many Benefits

Many commercial and industrial facilities in Cleveland are unique and so are their heating and cooling needs. In fact, your building may benefit from custom duct fabrication and installation services from Avon Lake Sheet Metal Company and here are some reasons why.

Standard Duct Design

Standard commercial air ducts fit a wide range of applications. This “one size fits all” strategy makes them affordable, but they don’t always work as efficiently as they should. In fact, your HVAC contractor may have to make them fit.

Custom Duct Design

Custom ductwork can be any diameter, length, and can have special features like access panels to make cleaning and maintenance simple. When you choose custom duct fabrication and installation services from Avon Lake Sheet Metal Company, your ducts are designed to fit your cooling and heating system and the facility it serves. This gives you several benefits:

  • Balanced cooling and heating – using the right size ducts gives you maximum airflow where you need it the most. This gives you an even heating, and cooling experience and one area won’t be hotter or cooler than another.
  • Efficiency – experienced heating and cooling professionals design your ductwork for maximum efficiency and the smallest amount of air loss. This not only delivers greater comfort, but it’s also easier on the HVAC system, and this gives you lower energy bills each month.
  • Space saving – custom duct fabrication and installation gives you duct work that doesn’t intrude on your workspace. You have a more efficient and safer working environment.
  • Future expansion – your new duct system can be designed to allow for future expansion, so it’s easy to add on to.

Custom HVAC contracting services from Avon Lake Sheet Metal Company can give you a wide range of benefits. To talk to someone about our design, fabrication, and installation services, call us in Cleveland today at 440-933-3505.

Premier Provider of Machine Guarding in Cleveland, OH

Tooling factories, machining shops, and other facilities perform production operations with different types of specialized machinery and equipment. If this equipment is not properly secured, a dangerous situation can present itself for those in the surrounding area. This is why facilities utilize companies specializing in machine guarding in Cleveland, OH to help protect their employees. Whether it is flying sparks, chips, rotating components, or nip points, there are a lot of workplace hazards that a machine guard can prevent. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we are your source for exceptional quality fabrications that are delivered to the precision tolerances you need for your projects.

The Need for Machine Guards

In order to help ensure the safety of workers and visitors at industrial locations, machine guards are installed around certain types of dangerous machinery. These devices are important to have in place in order to protect your workforce, and prevent the company from being liable in the event of an injury caused by a piece of equipment. This guarding is an important investment to help promote a safe working environment.

Installation of Custom Machine Guarding

At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we have the ability to install machine-guarding units seamlessly with your production processes. The installation of our machine guards will not delay or interfere with your facilities production capabilities.

Machine Guard Applications

Machine guarding can be used in various industrial settings, including plastic production centers, steel foundries and mills, chemical handling plants, food production facilities, and other applications involving motorized equipment.

Equipment Benefiting from Machine Guards

There are a variety of types of equipment that machine guarding can be used with, including motorized production equipment (i.e. with chains, gears, and transmissions), energized equipment (robotic and braking equipment and systems), and any equipment that could trap body parts and clothing, or has sharp edges that could cause cutting or puncture injuries.

Providing a Customized Machine Guarding Solution

It is important to obtain a customized machine guarding solution based on your particular facility, equipment, and requirements. Make sure you obtain your machine guarding from an experienced company that can give you the tailored solution you need. Let us help you ensure maximum safety in your work environment with minimal interruption to your operations.

For more information about the machine guarding installation products and services we offer in Cleveland OH, call us today at 440.968.5014, send us a message through our contact form, or request a quote.

Specializing in the Installation of Dust Collection Systems

Dust collection systems are able to increase efficiency, improve safety, and lower costs when they are implemented and utilized to their full capacity. These systems can significantly enhance a work environment and the bottom line of the company. When it comes to a dust collection system, Cleveland-area businesses can benefit from our resources and experience to deliver the comprehensive design and installation services they need.

Dust Collection for Government Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environment Protection Agency (EPA), and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) have issued standards that manufacturing, industrial, production facilities must follow. The air standards issued by these agencies are rooted in national worker health safety rules and the federal Clean Air Act.

Dust Collection System Design

The services we offer utilize high-tech, computer-aided design technology. Our professional team employs their exceptional skill and experience to develop highly effective dust collection systems. The tools we use include AutoCAD 2D drawing, 3D modeling, and the development of fabrication and coordination drawings for the manufacturing of an efficient and dust collection system.

Efficient Dust Collection System Installation

Our experienced and highly trained team is dedicated to delivering the dust collection system. Our turnarounds are fast as we endeavor to keep your downtime to a minimum while providing a highly cost-effective installation.

We are able to install the various dust collection systems and components:

  • Pipe, hoods, and duct
  • Customized dust collection systems
  • Compressed air piping
  • Electrical wiring
  • Fans and stacks
  • Caps, roof penetration, curbs, and exhaust fans
  • Rotary valves, dump valves, screw conveyors, etc.
  • Plan ventilation systems
  • Other structural requirements

After completing your dust collection system installation, we make sure your equipment functions as designed. We have successfully helped many customers reach their goals with our dust collection systems and are here to help you achieve the results you need for the control of air pollution within your facility.

Contact Us

For more information about how we can carry out your dust collection system installation in the Cleveland area and beyond, give us a call today at 440.968.5014, fill out our contact form, or request a quote.

Machine Guarding | Keep Production Humming During Installation

Tooling shops, factories, and other production facilities house various types of specialized equipment and machinery. If this machinery is not secured properly, it can present a serious danger to employees. Machine guarding helps protect people from multiple hazards, including flying chips, sparks, nip points, and rotating components. At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we have extensive experience producing sheet metal and structural steel high quality fabrications to meet various project and operational requirements.

Machine guarding is designed to protect workers, and any other people within the vicinity of equipment, from moving parts of that equipment and machinery, hot surfaces such as pipes, and pinch points.

Custom Machine Guarding Installation

At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we are able to install these important protective machine guarding units in a manner that does not interfere with, or cause delay of, the operation of your equipment and production processes.

The Necessity of Machine Guards

Briefly stated, machine guards are necessary assemblies to help ensure the safety of individuals around dangerous machinery. These are crucial devices to have in place in order to minimize the liability of your company in the event any individual should be injured by a particular machine. It is a minimal investment in order to maintain a safe working environment for your employees.

Applications of Machine Guards

Some examples of where machine guarding may be used include chemical handling plants, steel mills and foundries, food production facilities, plastic production centers, or any facility with any motorized machinery or equipment.

Types of Equipment Using Machine Guards

The various types of equipment that utilize machine guarding include production process equipment and any equipment that is energized (such as braking mechanisms and robotic machinery), motorized (with peers, chains, and transmissions for instance), has sharp edges that can puncture or cut, or has moving parts that can trap clothing, limbs, or fingers.

Custom Machine Guarding Solution

Equipment and facilities differ from one another. What may work perfectly in one situation and venue may cause concerns or problems in another. For this reason, it is important to utilize the services of an experienced company that is able to manufacture and install the machine guarding you need for your specific situation to ensure optimum safety and uninterrupted equipment operation.

For additional information about our machine guarding installation services, give us a call today at 440.968.5014, complete our contact form, or request a quote.

Work With A Well-Established Welding Company In Cleveland

Well-Established Working Welding Company in Cleveland

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Have the Machine Guards You Need Designed to Fit Your Requirements

Machine Guarding Services

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Expert In Custom Metal & Structural Steel Fabrication Projects

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Avon Lake Sheet Metal Structural Fabrication Services in Cleveland

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Metal Fabrication: A Value-Added Process

Metal fabrication is a process in which shops take a piece of metal and improve it. They alter its shape, size, qualities and/or thickness to meet certain specifications. Clients in areas similar to Cleveland include small and large manufacturing firms, that exist alongside a wide-range of industries. The latter category includes construction, mining, and the oil and gas companies. All of these interests work frequently with fabrication shops to produce a finished product capable of meeting the requirements of their industry.

Common Metal fabrication Processes

Fabrication shops can create, assemble, or even repair various metal items. The work such shops do is a value-added process.

Value-added processes encompass much of what fabrications shops do. When they work with a base metal, they alter it, improving and enhancing its nature to meet the demands of their customers. In Cleveland metal fabrication shops, the following are part of a value-added approach:

  • Bending

  • Cutting/shearing – manual, automatic and CNC devices, e.g., lasers or plasma systems

  • Design/modeling – today, 3D modeling is becoming common

  • Folding

  • Forming – may use CNC

  • Machining and machine guarding

  • Punching

  • Shaping

  • Welding – This covers the variety of possible welding techniques, e.g., MIG, TIG, Spot, Stick, Field. Specialized, customized and certified welding processes take primacy

  • Assembling – often the final step in production

Metal Fabrication for Cleveland

At Avon Lake Sheet Metal, we offer our clients high-quality services. Our focus is on ensuring our work exceeds the expectations of all our customers. We ensure our highly skilled, certified staff provides them with the services that produce the product they require as well as certain other value-added options. In Cleveland, our reputation for finishing our work on time, with precision, and on budget remains our calling card. Call us today at 440-933-3505 to see what we can do for you.

Choose Avon Lake Sheet Metal for Custom Fabrication

Avon Lake Sheet Metal is known for quality custom fabrication services in Cleveland. When you choose us, you have a number of advantages. Check out some of the many services we have to offer and why we are among the best in the business:


Nothing speaks more about a business than years of dedicated service. When we started, Dwight Eisenhower was president of the United States. The Cleveland Browns finished the 1953 season with an 11-1 record, and General Motors began production of the first US sports car, called the Corvette. So much has happened since then, and Avon Lake Sheet Metal has seen it all. When you choose a company with this kind of history, you know you are getting quality custom fabrication services.

Metal Fabrication Customized to Your Needs

Nothing about our services are “standard” or “one size fits all.” With the help of 3D modeling and design, we are there for you from start to finish. We can finish a project for you, or provide valuable assistance on imporving you own processes. There is not much our union shop cannot do when it comes to custom fabrication in the Cleveland area.

Certified Welding

Our welders are AWS certified, and they can perform a number of welding service, such as:

  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Spot welding

Stainless Steel

Many industries need stainless steel fabrication, and Avon Lake Sheet Metal can help. In fact, we custom fabricated a stainless steel drying oven for specialty chemical company. Our people qualified, delivered, and installed the oven in 8 weeks’ time. The process required welding, sawing, forming, laser cutting, and insulating.

A Wide Range of Services

Our custom fabrication services in Cleveland include many processes, some use CNC technology, and some things are done by hand. Every project is specially made to fit each customer’s needs. Call us today at (440) 933-3505 for more details.